The ostomy collection bag is a flexible container for collecting body effluents through a stoma.


The PROTEA VITAL CF3L is a unitary (with one piece), closed-end (no evacuation, closed) ostomy collection bag. All components of the product are removed from the body once the bag is changed. This ostomy collection bag does not allow effluents to be discharged, followed by prolonged use.

Protea Vital products can be sold in this online store only to companies. The seller of the products is Theranova Protezare S.R.L.

The ostomy collection bag PROTEA VITAL CF3L consists of several layers (films or foils) that are welded along the perimeter, as follows:

  • Starting from the body side to the outside, the first component of the pouch is a connecting element, called flange or wafer. The flange is made of hydrocolloid material and is welded by the following two films, respectively by the barrier film and the reinforcement film. The flange, together with these two layers of which it is welded, has an opening that surrounds the stoma. It ensures the attachment of the entire pouch to the patient’s abdominal area, respectively to the perimeter area of the stoma.
  • The first layer is the interior comfort layer made of non-woven material.
  • The second layer is the bag foil of itself.
  • The third layer is the reinforcement film and has the role of reinforcing the welding of the flange to the first two layers.
  • The fourth layer is the impermeable foil. It has three incisions made in the upper part to allow the relieve of gases, released by the body effluents, into a compartment from where they will be filtered and subsequently evacuated to the outside.
  • The fifth layer is the outer pouch foil. This foil has a filter welded inside at the top of it. The filter has an incision made on its outer part that ensures the evacuation to the outside of the gases released by the body effluents. To ensure a proper operation of the filter (e.g. if it is wet from the outside), a protective patch of Gore-Tex type of material is welded to its incision.
  • Between the second and fifth layer, the so-called collector compartment for body effluents is generated.
  • Between the fourth and fifth layer, the so-called filter compartment, mentioned above, is generated.
  • The sixth and seventh layers are outer comfort layers, they are in direct contact with the outside, respectively with the patient’s clothing. These layers, on the one hand, obturate the content of the bag providing discretion, and on the other hand, because they have an area where they overlap, they provide a pocket (a flap) for inspection.


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