In 2020, Protea Vital brand was created as a production unit, part of the Theranova company whose main activity is the construction of prostheses for limbs. The experience of over 20 years in the field of medical devices has helped us to understand very well the needs of people with various medical conditions and our clear goal is to contribute, for the good of the community, through high quality products that we provide at respectable prices.


Protea Vital  is the brand name of our ostomy product range and  was created to meet the growing need for stoma bags. Although it is the same company, the Protea Vital brand and Theranova Protezare have different locations for logistical reasons.


You can visit us at any of the locations:


Theranova Protezare SRL:

Eroul Necunoscut Street, no. 2, Oradea, Bihor County, Romania.


Production Unit for Protea Vital Brand:

Eurobusiness I Industrial Park, General Gheorghe Mărdărescu street, no. 15, Oradea, Bihor County, Romania.


Patients with a stoma (ileo-, colo- or urostomy) are our priority and we want any stomatized patient to have a very normal life, which is why we produce ostomy collection bags meant to give them supreme care and privacy.

Our business is based in Oradea, Bihor county, Romania, and the modern factory we have set up here allows us, through state-of-the-art technologies, to ensure the supply of locally manufactured products for companies and distributors that make possible our dream of providing fast access to quality products for people with stoma. Thus, Protea Vital wants to develop close and long-lasting relationships with partners around the world, companies that fight for the same goal and want to be our messenger in the optimal service of the final beneficiary, respectively the stomatized patient.

At Protea Vital we are able to understand very well the expectations of people with special needs, thanks to many years of humanitarian work that we have behind us, and our intention is to exceed the expectations of these patients with special situations.

Our values

Our priority is the needs of our customers. Protea Vital listens, understands and proposes the best solutions for the needs of our customers. We are proactive and respond as quickly as possible to all requests, which we honour with the utmost seriousness and dedication, because we care and because our patients are the reason why we continue to work with joy.


At Protea Vital we are a team of dedicated people, and the word that best describes our team is humanity. We are warm, understanding and helpful. Your problem is also our problem, of all employees.

We operate on the principle of equity and offer equal employment opportunities, as well as equal growth opportunities and rewards among employees. We are committed to:

  • Create and promote a successful work environment, based on honesty and integrity;
  • We train staff frequently, in order to keep up to date with the latest trends;
  • We communicate permanently, correctly and balanced;
  • We design and ensure a safe working environment, conductive to employee development;

We share the company’s success fairly.


We strongly believe in the practice of social responsibility, on the basis of which many of our activities in recent years have taken place. We encourage a similar behaviour when it comes to our employees and suppliers (and not only). We, at Protea Vital, are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate, to be part of the story. We support the conservation of the natural environment and the prevention of pollution at our factories, on all production lines.


The expectations of the final beneficiaries are the basis of our entire activity. By knowing them very well, we strive through honest work and dedication to fulfill and to overcome them constantly. In our work we respect all applicable quality standards, and the requirements of our customers are sacred to Protea Vital. We are constantly working to offer the best solutions, and the processes through which we achieve these things are meant to turn us into a robust, reliable, world-class business.


Communication is one of our fundamental characteristics, and by this we mean both the communication between us and our partners, suppliers and distributors, as well as the internal communication between employees. Protea Vital always encourages its partners to express their needs promptly, and from us comes the assurance that we will work with great attention and concentration to solve them with priority. Also, our employees are encouraged to constantly express their opinions, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, because we believe that only in this way can they be taken into account and can produce future changes for the better.

Target audience

Patients with colostomy are our priority, our main goal. In outlining Protea Vital, we started from the needs that people undergoing surgery for the reconstruction of the colon, small intestine or urinary system have, which we understand very well. These patients need immediately operable medical devices to help them resume their activities and a normal lifestyle immediately after surgery. Thus, we have created a series of devices designed to help patients with a stoma to resume their post-operative life in conditions of safety and dignity, by restoring the affected functions of the body.