The automated production line

The manufacture of the ostomy collection bags made with the help of the production line is a linear, fully automated, which integrates all operations in a continuous, closed, programmed and controlled system, without the intervention of the operator between the execution phases.


The technological ensemble consists of 35 modules, with a length of approximately 18 meters and is located in a special space, closed, equipped with air conditioning and monitoring systems to ensure, maintain and control the conditions of temperature, humidity and hygiene specific to the manufacturing facilities of medical devices.


The machine produces two ostomy collection bags at the same time, within the same stage of the technological process, the actuator that operates the entire production line ensuring a fixed index of 330 mm. In terms of productivity, standard products of up to 1200 pieces per hour and simple products of up to 1500 pieces per hour (such as closed-end ostomy collection bags) can be manufactured. The module for welding the flange in the case of one-piece ostomy collection bags can also be used for welding the coupling ring in the case of two-component ostomy pouching systems.

Constant heat welding-impulse heating is used as welding method for the perimeter welding of the ostomy collection bags.

Among the advantages of this welding method we list:

  • the final appearance of the edge of the ostomy collection bags is uniform and without areas damaged by excessive melting;
  • a proper welding is ensured, including when very thin materials (foils) are used;
  • all types of thermoplastic materials can be welded, including those with a high polyethylene content. By comparison, in the case of radio frequency welding, the materials must contain bi-polar components that are not always environmentally friendly;
  • lack of radiation, in compliance with the provisions of standard EN 61800-3: 2004 EMC, so there are no risks for operators.

The technological assembly allows the manufacturing of ostomy collection bags of great constructive complexity and high functional quality, with one or two components, with or without discharge (open or closed), with up to 9 layers of material, including or not elements such as:


  • outer comfort layers, which, on the one hand, seals the contents of the bag providing discretion, and on the other hand, given the fact that they have an area where they overlap, provides a pocket (a flap) for inspection;
  • bar-type activated carbon filter, 33 mm or 65 mm long, filter which ensures the evacuation to the outside of gases released by the body effluents, but not of odors;
  • Gore-Tex patch for waterproofing the filter and ensuring its proper functioning (e.g. if it is wet from the outside);
  • in the case of drainable bags for opening for emptying and then for closing in easy, hygienic and safe conditions:
  • Velcro (hook and loop) or clamp closure system.
  • plastic strips placed at the lower end of the bag opening.
  • finger pocket that when operated simultaneously with the plastic strips, ensures easy and hygienic emptying of the bag.
  • pocket for folding and “hiding” the opening of the drainable bag, providing discretion and improving ergonomics and safety while wearing the ostomy collection bag.

The entire production line is designed as a modular system, which offers a large number of possible variants in terms of the shape and construction and functional characteristics of the ostomy collection bags that can be manufactured.

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